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Symonds Ball Tampering: Nails streaker, misses Baji

Funny: Sheepish Jadeja joins worst ball club (Rajkot)

Sex & Bondage: Australian coach & captain in blooper

Bus-conductor Merv Hughes asks Javed Miandad for ticket

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Funny: It only hurts when I laugh

Two Ronnies: cricket commentators at dinner

Ashes agony: Aussies to burn effigies

Ian Bell: Batsman, warrior and slayer

Priceless: Giggles in the commentary box (1991)

Funny: Aggers & Johnson break down

Freddy in Titanic Pose (Lords)

Kerry OKeefe: Most annoying laugh

Chasers War on Everything: Sandra Sully Cricket Puns

Chasers War On Everything: The Ashes delivery at Lords

Flintoff recounts a funny story

Pigeon killed by cricket ball

Double bounce ball gets hit for six (2003)

The Top Ten Weird Dismissals Of Cricket!!

Funny Cricket

The Umpire Strikes Back

Cricket Hurts

Getting over the cricket fence

Ishant Sharma loses his pants (Wellington)

Ball-Busters: Painful blows in cricket

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