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Preview: Indian track record in World Cups

1985 B&H Final: Srikkanth shines as India crush Pakistan (MCG)

Amarnath reveals: Dhoni sacking stopped by Srinivasan (2 of 2)

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Amarnath reveals: Dhoni sacking stopped by Srinivasan (1 of 2)

1983 World Cup Final: India shot out for 183 (1 of 3)

1983 World Cup Final: Kapil and Mohinder share the glory (3 of 3)

The Captain's Tales - 1975, 1979, 1983 and 1987 World Cups (Part 1)

1983 World Cup: Kapil Dev awakens Indians, surprises the world

1975-87: Special Moments in World Cup History

History of ODIs: India grows in the 1980s

Mohinder stars in crushing win (1986, MCG)

David Gower: Elegance at its best

Imran skittles India (1982)

Amarnath & Chappell: Team effort won it for India

1983: Mohinder takes India to finals (Old Trafford)

1983: Kapil Dev in an unforgettable knock

Kapil Dev re-lives the greatest triumph (1983)

Mohinder Brain Explosion: Handled the Ball Incident

Srikkanth comments: Electrifying 86 at MCG

Greatest Indian Moment: World Cup Final (1983)

Flashback: First ever Indian win at Lords (1986)

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