CricketCrowd's Clip-Dex Search Tool saves time.

Our unqiue Clip-Dex Search Tool provides a powerful "prompted" search capability to enable easy access to the video clip that you seek. The selected video clips are delivered to you in the form of a "container" around the topic you choose. We take the typical tag and make it go on steroids - by adding the cricketing expertise to connect and sort related video clips into related containers.

For example, we have a ClipDex container for every player and every match since international cricket began in 1877. All days of a Test match are grouped in a match container. All Tests in a series are grouped in a series container. This makes it easier to spend more of your valuable time watching the highlights, rather wasting time hunting for disparate clips on You Tube or Daily Motion.

Every MATCH | Every PLAYER | Your TEAM

To checkout available video clips in our vast library, simply select any of the following images:

ClipDex Every Match ClipDex Every Player ClipDex Your Team


Clip-Dex covers Major Events

You can access all the action from recent major events such as world cups and other key series from its inception back in history.

ClipDex Major Events

Click on any of the following Major Events:

ICC World Cup (1975 to now)

ICC T20 World Cup (2007 to now)

Ashes (1877 to now)


Clip-Dex covers special Categories

We have new special containers with video clips sorted so you spend more time enjoying the action - and less time searching for them.

Sledging | Match Fixing | Cricket Grounds

Categories | Test Matches | ODI Matches | Controversies | Funny Clips | All Time Best | Classics


What is Clip-Dex?

Want to replay a favourite match from many years ago? Want to track the career progression of your favourite player? What did your team achieve ten years ago?

Clip-Dex delivers answers to these questions with:

  • Simplified Access: Easily access any clip
  • Fast Search: Get to the clip that you want, quickly
  • Prompted Search: Not sure, then use the many prompts (eg:match date, player) to locate a clip
  • Ease of Linking: Related clips are served up to you, avoiding the need to hunt
  • Scale: Easily access the best cricket videos on the web through our curated service


In summary - save time and get to your video action quicker

At its most basic level, Clip-Dex's containers makes it easier to search and watch related video clips. CricketCrowd's cricket experts develop each Clip-Dex container so you get to spend more time watching videos and less time searching for them on YouTube or DailyMotion. So whilst watching Day 5 of a Test match, you can access Day 1 easily using the Clip-Dex container for that Test Series.


We would love your Feedback

Want a new container developed around a cricket topic that interests you? Lets us know by clicking on the Feedback button below.

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Yadav, Suryakumar A
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