Waugh: Ajmal action is not as bad as Murali

Pakistan offspinner Saeed Ajmal has been reported for a suspected illegal bowling action. Mark Waugh says that Ajmer's action is not as bad as Murali's. Saeed Ajmal faces disciplinary action from his own team after linking Australia's Shane Watson to his report over a suspected illegal bowling action. Abu Dhabi Apr 2009.

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2012-01-29 01:20:20
Horrible, jealous Waugh.
2009-04-29 00:00:00
Waugh just mirrors what other players at the top level think. When are oversensitive biased SL cricket fans going to get over the fact that so many people agree with Waugh, and so many also laugh at politically-based changes to bowling laws? Murali can 2000 test wickets for all many of us care - that's not what it's about.
2009-04-27 00:00:00
How dare Waugh make these assertions against Murali? The continued slurs against Murali by the Aussies seem like a vendetta as the champion spinner has overtaken Warne now and leaves a record for wicket taking that probably will never be bettered. Ha, ha
2009-04-27 00:00:00
Just in case Waugh has not realised it, Murali's action has been passed as Ok by the ICC every time there was a complaint. he should just shut up and move on.
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