Spot fixing concern: Why did Sanga order no ball?

Tony Greig explains the facts as to why the Sri Lankans were hell bent on preventing Sehwag from getting his ton.

As India were approaching their victory target of 170 with Sehwag in the 90s, skipper Sangakkara lets thru 4 byes that tied the scores. He then clearly orders Randiv to bowl a no ball which cancelled out Sehwag's six as the scores were level. These actions of some desparation raises the spectre of spot fixing as the odds on Sehwag getting his hundred in the dying overs of a one sided match was very high.

What really compounded the concerns of spot fixing was when Sangakkara appeared at the press conference and made statements which appeared in complete contradiction of the events that he seemed to orchestrate on the field, prior to this stump mic evidence emerging.

3rd ODI, Tri Nations, Dambulla, 16th Aug 2010

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2017-06-16 03:08:29
Yes it's well known that Sangakara was the Sri Lankan master mind behind spot fixing exploits.
2017-06-03 02:16:59
Sangakkara is a crook. He lied in this press conference and blamed Randiv.He did not expect the stump mic evidence of him ordering Randiv to bowl the no ball to be shown.
2012-03-19 03:30:42
yep sad to see a great player like Sanga stooping so low. its awful.
2012-03-19 03:29:05
this is shocking. Sanga? cannot believe it.
2012-03-19 03:12:57
the ICC anti corruption unit should look at this very puzzling act by Sanga . Why would a captain order his young spinner to bowl a no ball when the match was already lost? why did sanga then lie at the press conference. very suspicious
2012-02-19 11:57:27
This is damning and disgraceful behaviour on the part of Sanga. Did he think he would get away with it? Glad its out there. Thanks for posting.
2012-02-19 11:51:42
Sanga lied to everyone at the press conference - see attached "related clip". This guy acts like he is holier than thou, but is shamed in this issue.
2012-02-14 01:38:54
the only reason the SLC and the SL players apologised quickly was when they realised that thei IPL money was at risk. Why was Sangakkara so bent on stopping Sehwags century? This smells of spot fixing.
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