Deceptive? Sanga appears caught out at press conference (Dambulla)

At the post match conference, why did Sangakkara seemingly claim no knowledge of the no ball that Suraj Randiv bowled deliveretely to prevent Sehwag reaching his century?

India were coasting to victory against Sri Lanka, with Sehwag 99 not out and scores level with more than 15 overs remaining, when Randiv overstepped. Sehwag smashed the delivery for six but the shot did not count because the match ended once the umpire called the no-ball.

Later it was revealed via stump mic evidence that Sangakkara ordered Randiv to bowl the no ball.

3rd ODI, Dambulla, Aug 2010

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2012-03-19 03:31:19
yes Sanga def was deceitful in both his answers.
2012-03-19 03:29:29
Hey Sanga lied to the press.
2012-02-20 01:38:39
Gosh, this is terrible for Sangakkara. He was one of my favourite players but after seeing this crap from him he is history
2012-02-19 11:58:35
Shame on him. agree, dont he expected the evidence to emerge linking him to the no ball. He sounds so convincing at the press conference. What a cheat.
2012-02-19 11:53:02
Wow, Sangakkara lied in this press conference and blamed Randiv.He did not expect the stump mic evidence of him ordering Randiv to bowl the no ball to be shown. what an idiot.
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