1958 3rd Test: Cowdrey century secures draw (SCG)

Colin Cowdrey scored 100 not out to rescue England but the 3rd Test ended in a tame draw.

Two Australian fieldsmen chase ball to boundary. Benaud to May fielded by Davidson 2 runs. 2 Shots - Slater to Graveney no run. Graveney leaving wicket after dismissal. Slater to Swetman beg swing no run. Slater to Swetman straight drives fielded by Meckiff. Cowdrey scores single from Meckiff. Meckiff to Swetman one run. 2 shots. Meckiff to Swetman bumpers. Meckiff to Swetman appeal not out. Harvey misses Swetman in slips. McDonald misses Swetman at leg slip. CU Swetman pushes ball to Benaud. Slater to Swetman fielded by Favell. CU Swetman drives no run. Cowdrey leaves wicket after being cuaght by Harvey. Benaud to Lock one run. CU Lock hit on pad. Mackay to Lock no run. Lock leaves wicket after dismissal by MacKay. Swetman square drives Benaud. Note return from O'Neill. MacKay bowling. Benaud to Laker no run. Benaud to Laker two runs. Harevy catches Laker. MacKay to Trueman big hit for two. Mackay to Trueman big hit for two Pan to fieldsman. MacKay to Trueman miss hit to Davidson. CU Trueman drives Mackay to fence. Trueman hooks Mackay for three. 2 shots. MacKay to Statham no run. Trueman swipes ball from Benaud. Trueman lets one go. Trueman hits Benaud for six into crowd. Trueman tries same but caught by Burke. Trueman leaves wicket. Scoreboard. Statham to Burke. Statham to Burke. Trueman to Burke. Trueman to Burke. Trueman to Burke one run. Trueman to McDonald dropped by Swetman. Trueman to McDonald bumper. Trueman to McDonald one run. Statham to McDonald two runs. CU Burke one run. Statham to McDonald two runs. Lock to Burke no run. CU Burke no run (turning ball). CU Burke one run. Lock to Burke no run (appeal). Laker to McDonald no run. CU McDonald no run. CU McDonald no run. CU McDonald hooks Laker for two. Laker to Burke caught by Lock at short leg. CU Harvey hits Lock for two. 2 shots. Laker to Harvey no score. Harvey sweeps Laker to fence. Laker to Harvey missed stumping. CU O'Neill plays ball near Lock no run. CU O'Neill turns ball for one. Laker to O'NEill one run pan to fieldsman. Statham to O'Neill one run. Ball rolls to fieldsman. Laker to O'Neill no run. Laker to O'Neill two runs. CU O'neill two runs. 3 shots. Laker to Favell (Favell in trouble.) Trueman to O'Neill two runs. Favell hooks Lock for single. CU O'Neill scores lucky single. O'Neill cuts ball for three to bring up his fifty. Favell hits ball for two runs. CU Favell sweeps ball for single for his fifty. 10 shots crowd. CU O'Neill battin. CU O'Neill at his fifty. CU Favell at his fifty. Statham bowls. Trueman bowls. CU Umpire McInnes. CU Wicket keeper Swetman. CU Umpire Hoy. CU Lock bowls. CU Laker bowls. Personality names on index card: Swetman, Meckiff, May, Davidson, Trevor Howard (?), John Mills (?), PM Menzies (?), Slater, Cowdrey, Truman (sic), McDonald, Statham, Burke, Lock, Laker, Harvey, O'Neill, Favell, MacKay. It is possible that the film stars Howard and Mills were in the crowd.

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