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Clip-Dex provides a powerful "prompted" search capability to enable easy access to the video clip that you seek. The selected video clips are delivered to you in the form of a "container" around the topic you choose. To checkout available video clips in our vast library, simply select any of the following prompts:

  1. Player
  2. Match
  3. Team

You can access all the action from recent Major Events by clicking on any of the following:

2014 ICC T20 World Cup2013/14 Ashes2013 Champions Trophy2011 World Cup

We have new special containers with clips sorted for your viewing pleasure:

Sledging | Match Fixing | Cricket Grounds

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What is Clip-Dex?

Want to replay a favourite match from many years ago?

Want to track the career progression of your favourite player?

What did your team achieve ten years ago?


Clip-Dex delivers answers to these questions with:

  • Simplified Access: Easily access any clip
  • Fast Search: Get to the clip that you want, quickly
  • Prompted Search: Not sure, then use the many prompts (eg: match date, player) to locate a clip
  • Ease of Linking: Related clips are served up to you, avoiding the need to hunt
  • Scale: Easily access the "best on the web" through our aggregated service that is updated often


In summary

At its most basic level, Clip-Dex's containers makes it easier to search and watch related video clips. CricketCrowd's cricket experts develop each Clip-Dex container so you get to spend more time watching videos and less time searching for them on YouTube or DailyMotion.



Want a new container developed around a cricket topic that interests you? Lets us know by clicking on the Feedback button below.

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On This Day (25th Oct)

Razzak suspended for throwing
Razzak suspended for throwing

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